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January 23: Rockstar’s Ballad, Closure and third book in the Birthright Series are delayed. Will notify everyone of release dates as soon as possible. Watch the upcoming books page or sign up for newsletter for latest news!

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Unleashed E-Book CoverRelease Date: December 13, 2014

Raven learns that she’s an Unmemorable, a race that no one can remember. She isn’t ready to step into a world with secret societies and wars so she returns to her job as a housekeeper despite Cain and the Unmemorables protests. When a confrontation with the Battalion ends in blood, she realizes there’s no going back to what her life used to be. While she tries to find a way to reverse the Unmemorables curse, she falls deeper into her relationship with Cain and a world where nothing is as it seems.


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  1. belinda

    love the birthright series cant wait for the 3 rd book

  2. Diana Cooper

    Love you!!! Love your books!!!

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