White Mist Series

Hell on Heels

How is Regan going to survive the holidays in a small town where her reputation precedes her? With a lot of liquor. Former hell raiser Regan Delaney is back in White Mist, Montana. She’s almost thirty and has no clue what she’s doing in the hometown she vowed never to return to- especially during the holidays. Regan’s return triggers a visit from a rock star, a restaurant throw down and a blast from the past in the form of her high school sweetheart, Brooks Hawking who she left behind to pursue her dreams.

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The Songwriter E-Book


Gwen Harper is the songwriter behind countless hits. Her biggest client elopes, leaving Trey Phoenix without a lead singer for his tour. Gwen rushes in to help Trey, an old friend and country legend.

When Trey hears Gwen sing for the first time, he calls a halt to the auditions for a replacement, despite Gwen’s insistence that she isn’t a singer. Trey convinces Gwen to take her rightful place on stage and unleash the singer inside of her. Little does he realize that the time they spend together will rouse long suppressed passions and put their friendship in jeopardy.

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Rockstar's Ballad E-Book Cover

Demi decides to attend a rock concert. The headliner? Johnny Bentley, the man she broke up with thirteen years ago. She goes to the concert for closure, but that changes when Johnny spots her in the crowd and drags her up on stage. In front of thousands Johnny sings her a song he wrote for her when they were teenagers. The feelings between them never died. If anything, it’s stronger than ever, but Demi isn’t willing to admit it. Can she take a chance on a rock star who broke her heart once before?

This is the third installment in the White Mist Series, a contemporary romance about second chance love.

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2 thoughts on “White Mist Series

  1. MaryAnn Key says:

    I have enjoyed the White Mist Series so Much!!! And I am really wanting to know about Bethany’s story, is there any info about a release date for her story? In any case, I just wanted to thank you for a great story ! And also to thank you for sharing your talent.

    • AP says:

      Hi MaryAnn! I’m so glad you enjoyed the White Mist Series! I am still working on Bethany’s story. I don’t have a release date, but I will post it as soon as I know! If you have a chance, please leave a review!

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