Standalone Romance

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Emma is co-owner of a bakery in a small town. For the past year she’s been in a long distance relationship with Peter Logan, a gorgeous tycoon. She tells herself that she’s content with their long distance relationship until Peter forgets their anniversary, which coincides with the date her parents were killed in a horrific car accident. This is the final straw for Emma who decides to end it with Peter or risk being hurt more in the end.

What she doesn’t realize is Peter isn’t going to take the break up as easily as she thinks…

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Grace thought she had it all—a successful business in New York and a long term relationship with Mitchell Price, most eligible bachelor and co-owner of her boutique. Everything comes to a crashing halt when Mitchell discovers a pregnancy test he believes belongs to Grace. Mitchell’s reaction irreparably damages their relationship and Grace leaves.

A year later, a tragic accident leaves Grace the sole guardian of her nine-month-old niece and turns her ordered life into chaos. Despite her attempts to keep Mitchell at arm’s length, Grace is forced to accept help from the only man she’s ever loved and doesn’t know if she can trust.

Can’t Let Go is a second chance contemporary romance for adults only.

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Fifteen years have passed since Juliet fled from Hawaii after uncovering a secret that ripped her family apart. Juliet returns to confront her father, but nothing goes according to plan. Nothing in Hawaii is as it seems, including Dominick Bryson, a self-contained man with secrets of his own. While Juliet tries to come to terms with her past and family, she finds herself falling into an unexpected relationship with Dominick who is her exact opposite and makes her wonder if she can have a happily ever after.

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    • AP says:

      Hi Aileen. I actually have considered writing Derek’s story. I will… eventually 🙂 I have someone special in mind for him!

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