Review of my San Francisco Trip

SF Highlights

Golden Gate Bridge, Japanese Tea Garden, Chinatown, Academy of Science

My San Francisco trip was terrifying, liberating, exhausting and wonderful. Originally, I was scheduled to go to San Francisco for work. I booked airfare and hotel on my credit card and would be reimbursed after the trip. But, as you all know, I quit. So, with a non-refundable hotel and tickets already in hand, I decided to go. It felt like a forced vacation. I had vague ideas of what I wanted to do, but nothing concrete since I had no idea how all of this was going to work.

This was my first trip to a large city alone. I’ve been to other cities, but I’ve always had a car or plans to meet up with someone. Not only that, but I have next to no experience on public transportation. I figured out which train I needed to get on at the airport and rode it to the Financial District. Then, I had the pleasure of dragging my luggage uphill to my hotel using Google Maps. I changed my pace to match those of the city folk and had the leg cramps in the middle of the night to prove it.

I bought a two day pass on a hop on, hop off open bus tour, which was probably the best thing I did. The guides talked about the history of the city and took us through the city highlights including Haight and Ashbury Street, Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, Pier 39, Palace of Fine Arts and so much more. I rode over the Golden Gate Bridge, ate clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl at Pier 39, gaped at The Academy of Science and bought fantastic knick knacks in Chinatown.

I enjoyed myself and would definitely go back. San Francisco is a great, chilly city filled with a lot of history, friendly people, culture and energy. If you haven’t visited this city, you’re missing out!

2 thoughts on “Review of my San Francisco Trip

  1. Paulina says:

    Thank you for one of the best review of our beautiful city!! I’m glad to hear how much you enjoyed your visit to my home! I grew up in San Francisco & love its diversity, culture & history! I mean where else can you find around the corner of Chinatown is another totally diffferent culture that is brimming with stories & it’s own history to tell!!

    We look forward to havinng you back for another visit!

    I love your stories & how the main female character is strong, intelligent & independent women who actually can take care of herself. One of my ultimate favorite is Emma’s secret!!!

    • AP says:

      Thanks Paulina! Yes, I really enjoyed San Francisco and wouldn’t mind visiting in the future. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my work, especially Emma’s Secret since that was my first. Please leave a review it helps me out a lot!

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