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Waimea Living

Waimea Living

In my early twenties I lived alone in Las Vegas and Austin before I moved back to Hawaii and experienced the joy of living with siblings, in-laws and parents (yes, I’m being sarcastic). It’s been three years, long enough to forget what it was like to have my own space and worry only about myself. I’ve been living by myself again for a little over a month and you know what? I forgot how much I like living alone!

Since I live in an apartment, I have to walk my dogs several times a day, rain or shine. Although the dogs track mud through the house and it isn’t fun to walk at 10pm without street lights and a headlamp strapped to my head, I find that I enjoy the walks almost as much as they do. I get fresh air, clear my head and exercise. I walk to work, drive when I’m lazy and come home to a quiet haven where I can chill and watch Friends or Psych after a long, stressful day of numbers, office politics and multi-tasking madness. The solitude soothes my introvert’s soul and helps me recharge.

But, several things have changed since the last time I lived on my own. The biggest is that I’m not living in a complex but renting from an uncle (not blood, but a good family friend) and after three years of living with family, I’ve become accustomed to their drama/presence and am… missing it? Before, I would housesit to get away from them. Now, I make time to have dinner to catch up and vent. Living apart from them but being within a ten minute drive is the best of both worlds. My mom has dropped off numerous care packages (I love my mom!) and my dad has come by to lovingly spray bug repellent around my home (a necessity in Hawaii). My parents are the best! It’s weird to open the fridge or cabinets and see that I like everything in there. Seriously, I think I’ve gained weight since moving! What the hell!

I live in a converted garage apartment furnished by previous occupants, which means that I have a mishmash of items that don’t match or fit together. Fine with me since I moved in with my clothes, dogs, computers and not much else. I had to buy the basics— trash can, food and toilet paper. I know, I lucked out! I see/talk to my aunt and uncle almost daily. They catch me up on the town gossip (including stuff on my own extended family that I haven’t heard) since they meet at McDonalds for breakfast (the pulse of the town, I’m told). It’s a small town with a growing population where people ride horses on the side of the road or occasionally through a drive thru.😃 I live next to my old elementary school and have walked the dogs through the now seemingly small and narrow pathways and am happy to see beds of vegetables and flowers in the courtyards. I walk home for lunch and take the dog’s on a quick potty break before going back to the grind. It’s cooler in town than where my parents live so I’ve been sleeping soundly through the night. Since it rains quite a bit, I carry a miniature umbrella in my purse, which does nothing (I’ve discovered) to keep me dry.

It’s taken me over a month to settle in, but now I have everything I need and can focus on other things… like WRITING! I’ve been back at my corporate job for almost two months. Now that I’m more comfortable in my position as Accounts Payable, I can get back to business. Woo hoo! I am carving out time in my schedule to get back on the writing train. There’s never going to be a time where you can dedicate exclusively to your craft —you have to make time so that’s what I’m doing. It’s going to be slow going, but on my days off I’m going to spend time getting back to my love.

I hope you’re happy with where you are in life and enjoying the moment. Don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out. Take the time to chat with friends and family, do what you love and get a breath of fresh air.


3 thoughts on “Living Alone

  1. carmen townsend says:

    A happy home is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Keeping us, your minions, Happy is your stories. I am in awe of the Jordan story and I adore those ladies from White Mist. Thanx for all your hard work and bless you for sharing with us. Any hints or teasers would be greatly appreciated.

    • says:

      Hi Carmen, now that I do have a happy home I am hoping to release some works to keep my minions happy! Jordan’s story, because it is so vast and complex, takes me the longest. The third book in the Birthright Series is so large that I haven’t quite wrangled it to the ground yet but I will be updating everyone once I complete the first draft.

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