Life is Crazy


You can’t make this shit up.

My intention was to dedicate 2016 to writing my ass off. I left my corporate job on January 4 and planned to write and travel. I budgeted and had everything in place before my home life began to tilt sideways. Someone told me recently that life happens while you’re busy making other plans. They were right.

The short story is that I barely had two months of writing before I realized I had to move and luckily, things started to line up for me. A friend offered a cute place in the “city” and with one interview, I landed a job. I wasn’t happy to put my writing plans to the side, but this is real life and when fate throws a curve ball, you hold up your glove to catch it or get hit in the face. I was on the verge of attending orientation for my new job when the corporate job I left three months ago came calling. I had lunch with my former boss who knew about my plans to move and asked if I wouldn’t mind coming back a third time. This threw me for a loop. I laid out my reservations. My boss negotiated the terms of my new position (with a hefty raise) and I agreed to go back for another six month contract. To make matters even sweeter, my aunt offered me a place to rent that’s right across the street from work so I’m able to walk.

I’ve been back at my corporate job for a little over a month and my new place for three weeks. Due to the craziness my life has become, I haven’t written for two months. Now things are settling down and I hope I can fall into some kind of routine that allows me to write. Recently I saw my last blog post about my intentions for 2016 and I shook my head. You can plan all you want, but life has other ideas. I’m not mad about my derailed plans. Everything happens for a reason. Watching God line everything up with such precision has blown my mind and I realize I’m not in control of anything. I’ve learned to step back and let things happen. Obviously, He knows what’s supposed to happen so I’m just following His lead.

I have no idea what books I’m going to release this year and I wanted to apologize in advance. I have every intention of finishing each series, but the release dates may be few and far between. I will let everyone know about preorders and release dates as soon as I know. Hopefully, it’ll only be a matter of time before I find my rhythm again. Wish me luck.



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