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A.P. writes YA Fantasy, Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Romance.

A.P. loves to read, write, travel, watch movies, listen to old timer’s talk about the good old days and daydream. She has two dogs who are world travelers and tolerate the long hours she spends in front of the computer.

You can reach me at AUTHORAPJENSEN@GMAIL.COM or connect with me on:

Twitter: @authorAPJensen



8 thoughts on “Contact A.P. Jensen

    • AP says:

      Hi Bette, I am so glad you enjoyed the series! Yes, I will be writing Bethany’s story, Dreams of Ever After and releasing it in 2017!

  1. Carmen Townsend says:

    Happy New Year !!! I hope your next year is filled with the love , laughter and the beauty that is your imagination . I just finished the Unmemorables again , I can’t get enough of ANY of your books . Please know , you help me every day .

  2. Eric Lomuntad says:

    Hi. Enjoyed reading Unmemorable 1 and 2. Is book 3 out already? I’m using using iBooks and only 1 and 2 are available. Where can I buy a copy?

    • AP says:

      Hi Eric, I actually haven’t finished writing book 3 yet. I’m glad you enjoyed it though! I will post a release date when I finish the next book!

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