Birthright 3/Ongoing Projects

I (kind of) finished the first draft of the third book in the Birthright Series, but it needs a lot of work before it’s ready for reader eyes!  The Birthright Series is by far the most complex series I write, despite the fact that it’s YA. The first two books in the series took me years to write so I’m not surprised that the third installment is turning out to be just as difficult as the others. Each book took multiple rewrites. I thought I’d be able to release this book by the end of the year but it is now listed as TBD. I will keep you all informed.

I haven’t released as many books in 2015 as I have in the past, but I have four audio books coming out this year! Unmemorable and Clutch of the Demon have already been released. Can’t Let Go and Unleashed will be released within the next two months on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. Shout out to my narrators, Beth Stewart and Roni Gallimore!

I’m tinkering with the fourth book in the White Mist Series, Ever After (working title). This is Bethany’s book. The White Mist Series has been doing remarkably well! Thank you to all who have been following Regan Lee, Gwen, Johnny and Demi! Bethany’s story is heart wrenching but of course she’ll get her HEA!

All projects are delayed due to the fact that I’ve gone back to my corporate job. It’s been a blessing to go back and I hope I’ll find a way to balance work and writing. 

In the meantime, I love to hear from you all, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me!. I am now somewhat active on Instagram so you can follow me there or on Facebook or Twitter.


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    • AP says:

      Hi Maria, thanks for checking in! I won’t be working on book 3 until the summer so I should have an idea of a release date at that time!

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