Beauty out of ashes

In the wake of the Paris attacks, something beautiful happened.

The company I work for in our little town on the Big Island of Hawaii is known for its connection to France. On Monday morning, we came in to find that someone had left a tuberose lei strung with roses and a vase full of blooming flowers on our doorstep. Along with that were the lyrics for Imagine by John Lennon and this card:
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It’s amazing to me that even as far away as we are, we mourn together and people care – as much as we believe they don’t. This gesture of solidarity, of love touched me, the company and everyone we told. I don’t know if this was done by one person or multiple but the items they chose and the thought behind it was stunning.
I hope to witness more acts like this in the future, rather than the ones of hate that are so often splashed over every headline. We need more acts like this and for people to express themselves through positive actions.
God bless whoever did this. You made a difference.

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